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Talk about Mailing to the Max! Now you can really make sure you never miss another mailing! After months of testing, you now have access to 3 powerful new automation features designed to help you manage your mailings more effectively,saving you precious time, getting you more leads, traffic and money AND ensuring you squeeze every ounce of use out of your mailers.

No More Copy And Paste!

You'll love the brand new auto-paste feature! We all know what a pain it is to manually copy and paste your email templates from Viral Mail Profits into your favorite mailers. No more - now you can transfer your email straight to your mailer, ready to send, in just one click.

Scheduled Auto-Send!

Want to schedule mails in advance? We can do that! Schedule your mail to 'send' multiple times. At the scheduled times, your email will be cloned and copied into your outbox ready to autopaste into the mailer and send.

Auto-Send Integration is Here!
(upgraded members only)

But best of all...if you're an upgraded member (at VMP and the mailer), you don't even need autopaste! You don't even need to log in! When you hit send, that's it - our unique automation scheduler takes over and at the appropriate time(s), like clockwork, automatically sends it via your mailer (with a unique tracking link for each mail of course) and starts tracking. All you need to do is come back and check your stats now and then.

Let's Take A Closer Look...

Manual copy and paste: this is new icon for the familiar icon. It means the mailer doesn't support automation (see the next icon).

Manual copy and paste but the mailer supports automation and you should connect your account.

Automatic copy and paste: with one click you can transfer your mail to the mailer. You'll just need to log in to the mailer, navigate to the send page and your mail will be waiting. Available to free and upgraded members of supported mailers.

This is the magic one...when you see this icon, you don't even have to log into the mailer to send! The email will go into the scheduled table and be sent at the earliest opportunity completely automatically! Only available to upgraded members.

Click on the clock to do potentially even more magic! - schedule multiple hands-off mailings! Available to all members but scheduled mails will only send automatically for upgraded members.

If you see the red flag then this is an alert: hover over the flag to find what the alert is. Usually it means an email was returned to the outbox because it couldn't be sent automatically - maybe the account isn't connected for example.

In the scheduled table you'll see the schedule icon and one of these additional icons:

Means the mail will be sent completely automatically as per the schedule. Must be upgraded at VMP and the mailer.

Means the mail will be cloned into your outbox at the appropriate time, ready to be sent manually. Even this saves you more time. Available to all members.

We deliberately made ViralMailProfits automation an open standard so any mailer could plug in and provide the convenience of ViralMailProfits automation for their members and ours.

Look For This Image At Your Favorite Viral Mailers

Clearly we're just getting started so we're going to give you an opportunity to grab your gold upgrade dirt cheap now as an early adopter because as more and more mailers add VMP Automation to their sites, the price is going up to match the increased value but right here right now from this page only...

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The gold upgrade perks above including unrestricted access to the 3 powerful new automation features would normally cost
$29.97 per month or $359.64 for the full year

Today you can get nearly quadruple your money's worth because you'll
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3,000 Extra Mailer Credits for only...

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